General questions

Where is the jewelry made?

All products are designed by Tin Lynx based in Toronto Canada and 3d printed in metal by Shapeways. Shapeways has two manufacturing locations: Long Island City, N.Y and Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Shapeways tries to produce locally to ensure you get your order in a timely manner, at the lowest possible cost, and with a minimal carbon footprint.

Can I get my jewelry made in material X?

Shapeways has a wide assortment of solid and plated materials including: Silver, Platinum, Brass, Bronze, Many blends of Gold including 18karat and rose gold.

How should I select a material for my order?

For a smooth, polished look, select semi-precious metals like bronze and brass, or precious metals such as silver, gold or platinum. If you prefer a rough, antique look, some items can be printed in stainless steel.

Shapeways offers a wide selection of plated materials. If you prefer this option, choose the base metal based on the desired finishing, as described above, Also, note that items such as rings are worn on your finger, and it is generally preferred to not have them plated because the plating can wear off over time.

Are these jewelries mass produced in China?

No. These are custom made to order products that are one of a kind for our customers. 3d metal printing used in conjunction to specialized CAD design tools allows us to make custom metal jewelry at affordable prices.

How are these items 3d printed?

3D Printed metal rings and other items made in semi-precious and precious metal are made by this multi-step process:

  1. The products are created with a lost-wax casting process using a high-resolution 3D wax printer.

  2. The 3D printed wax model is put in a container and liquid plaster is poured around it to create a mold.

  3. After the plaster sets, the wax is melted out and molten silver or other metal is poured into the plaster mold.

  4. The plaster is then pulled away to reveal the metal and the finished product is polished for a smooth surface.

The items ordered in cheaper materials like stainless steel are printed in layers and have unique “rough” looks.

Can I get a discount on bulk orders?

Due to the nature of 3D Printing, the price per object does not decrease with larger volumes. As a result, we do not offer volume discounts.

Are these products silver/gold plated, or are they solid silver or gold?

Our products are made in solid materials like bronze, brass, gold and silver.

What if I don’t like the item. Can I return it?

Shapeways handles the manufacturing, shipping and any returns. Shapeways best explains it on there website here: Shapeways FAQ

Our main goal at Shapeways is to bring amazing products to life with 3D printing. We’re 100% committed to your satisfaction, and if for some reason there is an issue with your order, we’ll do our best to find a good solution.

If you have any issues with your order, please contact our Customer Service Team, and they’ll be happy to help you. In order for us to resolve your issue as quickly as possible, we ask that you describe the issue in detail and, if possible, provide pictures. This will make it easier for us to help you, and to help us improve the quality of our products.

For quality assurance issues, we will work with you to either manufacture your product again, or provide a refund. If you’re unhappy with a product designed by someone else on Shapeways, we will work with you and the designer to make it right.

For any issues involving platinum, gold, or silver, you must return the product to us in order to receive a refund or to have it manufactured again. Our Customer Service Team will send you information on how to return the product.

We do not provide refunds for products that have been used, altered, or damaged after you’ve received the shipment. Additionally, we are not able to refund purchases of a “Gift Card” or a “Material Sample Kit Basic (w/ free Gift card)“.

Where can I find out more information?

Because we work exclusively with the company Shapeways, many questions can be answered on their Shapeways FAQ.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to Contact us and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

Rings Customizations

How are your rings size?

Due to the many international ring sizes for each country we size all of our rings in metric to one hundredth of a millimeter.

How do I find my ring size?

The best way is to get a jeweler to size you with a similar sized ring. Remember that wider rings usually need to be sized larger than thinner rings.

How much does X size ring cost?

The price of rings is largely determined by the volume of material required to make it. Also larger rings need more labor to hand polish which in turn can cost more. You can find similar rings of ours in various sizes to get a rough idea of the final cost, or send us a message and we can give you a quote.

Can you make a ring in size X?

Any size of ring can be made including in-between and exact dementioned sizes. If you have an existing ring that fits perfectly and get it sized in accuracy, we can make a ring to that size.

Can I have a ring made in a dark or black material?

There are currently no black or very dark materials that can be produced by Shapeways. Silver can be oxidized as a finish which can darken it, but that type of finish would have to be done on your own as it is not offered by Shapeways.

Can I have the ring engraved?

Any high quality material like gold or silver can be engraved. Engraving jewelry like rings is best left to a professional jeweler as they will have the necessary tools to do the job.

What’s the difference between engraving and debossing text?

  • Engraving is the process of using a cutting edge to cut grooves out of the metal. Engravings are great for very small or fine lettering but because they are not very deep, they are susceptible to wear especially when a ring is re-polished to the original shine after a couple years.

  • Debossing text that we offer on rings involves making the the text as part of the design. The text is bigger, deeper and will never wear off. The only limitation to debossing text is the minimum wall thickness and depth of the text which is determined by the resolution and metal that the ring is made in.

Does it cost extra to have custom text on the ring?

We offer customizations like text on orders in gold and platinum, for an additional fee payable up front. The price depends on the material of the ordered item. Please contact us for inquiries about the pricing.

Can I have a custom designed ring with a different pattern?

We will design a custom ring with a different pattern for orders in gold and platinum, for an additional fee payable up front. Please contact us for more information about customization of your ring in gold or platinum.

How long does it take to get a custom made ring?

The design work of custom made rings can vary depending on the current volume of simultaneous orders being processed.

Usually it takes less than a week to have your requested changes to be applied to a new ring and we’ll send you images detailing how the new ring will look before it is sent to Shapeways to be 3d printed.


How much does shipping cost to Country X?

Shapeways has a great page which breaks down the cost to ship to each country: Shapeways Shipping

Do you ship to my Country?

Shapeways handles the manufacturing and the shipping of the products to you. They ship to all countries with the exception of Russia.

How much does it cost to ship to my Country?

When placing an order Shapeways will automatically calculate a shipping price for you. For any questions or information on custom made jewelry, please Contact us

In case you haven’t found the answer for your question please feel free to contact us.