We are driven to create energetic never before seen pieces and take inspiration from many sources. We strive to make jewelry personal and meaningful to the ones who wear it.


Ever wanted to wear a motorcycle tire ring around your finger? We did! Our pieces of jewelry are inspired by real world objects.


3d Printing is a buzzword you hear about all the time, but did you know that you can create stunning metal jewelry with 3d printers?


When you order our jewelry, it is created for you and is not mass manufactured. This allows you to customize the material it gets made in. Pick from a wide selection of precious and semi-precious metals.


Because we use modern technologies such as computer design and 3d printers to create our jewelry, we have none of the conventional design limitations that other jewelry producers may have.


Pick the material that your pendant, ring, or cufflinks gets made in. Need something that is truly personal? Have a big occasion like a wedding coming up? Contact us for a fully customized jewelry that fits your needs.

How it is made

3d Printed and Lost-wax casting

Our jewelry is made using the latest technology of 3d printing.

When you order your item in the semi-precious metals like brass or precious metals like silver, gold and platinum, the 3d printer prints the model in wax, after which a craftsmen casts it in various metals using the lost casting method. Finally they are polished leaving a brilliant finish with no visible seams that you would find with common mass produced jewelry.

When you order jewelry in metals like stainless steel, it is printed in lawyers and creates a unique “antique” look.

Benefits of 3d printed jewelry

All our jewelry is 3d printed at Shapeways in various metals from stainless steel to precious metals like gold and platinum and sterling silver. This method of producing jewelry leaves total freedom and customization open to the artist and the buyer.


Being 3d printed means that our jewelry can be custom made to order. For pricing inquiries on jewelry customizations including embedded text please message us on our website form.

Our Jewelry Store

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High performance jewelry

A ring engineered to the highest perfection. The perfect comfort fit with the profile of a superbike tire.

Motorcycle Tire Ring


Come find out what we are up to. We most articles you’ll find here are behind the scenes and how to about how and why we do the things we do.

Welcome to Tin Lynx

on September 17, 2015

Welcome to the new website for the Tin Lynx jewelry store! Welcome to the new website for the Tin Lynx jewelry store! This new website has been built from the ground up to be fast and easy to navigate.

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